Rat City Blood Bowl League feed http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification Tue, 22 May 2018 12:43:21 -0700 OBBLM 0.96 Match: Second Breakfast (3) vs. Riggity Riggity Rekt (1) Halflings were thrown Chaos ensued. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-08-09 23:15:20 Match: Hamburger Helpers (2) vs. Sewer Tyrants (1) In this game of mostly stunties and big guys, the ground was the MVP for the ogres. With the Scrappa Sorehead picking up both touchdwons, the ogres win but escape with no SPPs once again. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-07-19 22:35:07 Match: Syphiliticrats (1) vs. Riggity Riggity Rekt (1) Very Armor. Such Break. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-06-20 18:49:09 Match: The Scalie Squad (2) vs. Fubdagog Mashers (1) A beautiful day decided by an OT TD. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-06-12 23:09:11 Match: Rat City Wrecking Crew (3) vs. Syphiliticrats (0) An epic first match for the Wrecking Crew, despite the sweltering heat. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-06-12 17:43:26 Match: The Scalie Squad (2) vs. Frisky Kittens (1) This was a game! http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-06-12 16:13:13 Match: Brass Keep Bruisers (0) vs. Frisky Kittens (2) THIS IS WHY I DIDN'T WANT TO PLAY NORSE, ANDY. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-06-11 16:22:20 Match: Wulfenburg Warhounds (1) vs. Fubdagog Mashers (2) The Mashers dominated this match, keeping the Warhounds on the ground and off balance for the duration. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-06-08 22:35:21 Match: Cirque du Victoire (3) vs. Disciples of Corn (0) 'Twas not the Blood God's day. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-06-06 23:35:42 Match: The Scalie Squad (3) vs. Wildcard, Bitches! (2) Bloxigor is not satisfied. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-06-05 18:48:54 Match: The Cream of Khorne (0) vs. Disciples of Corn (2) Concession Win for Disciples of Corn. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-06-03 10:26:33 Match: Fair and Balanced (1) vs. The Scalie Squad (1) Not much happened, 1-1 and that's all. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-05-31 22:15:47 Match: The Scalie Squad (1) vs. The Cream of Khorne (0) 8==D http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-05-30 16:14:18 Match: Wulfenburg Warhounds (2) vs. Brass Keep Bruisers (2) An epic clash filled with brutal fights and many injuries. Neither team could seem to gain an advantage in either half. Ultimately, the Warhounds and the Bruisers fought to a 2-2 tie. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-05-30 01:59:26 Match: I Just Awesomed All Over the Place (0) vs. Frisky Kittens (2) When an unskilled hobgoblin makes two dodges and rolls a pow to knock down the blodging werewolf ball carrier in turn 3, you know it's going to be one of those games. The Kittens came out to play and managed to keep the Awesome off-balance the whole game. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-05-28 09:00:25 Match: Cirque du Victoire (2) vs. Hag Greaf Nightmares (2) Cirque induces a babe and a magic item (Headband of Do Nothing). In a monumental display of ineptitude, the elves of both sides fail to play elf ball and instead look more like zombies as they stumble their way to a draw. Cirque fails to pick up or catch the ball on multiple occasions burning through rerolls and The Nightmares, not to be outdone, manage to keep themselves out of the endzone on the final play with a very predictable double 1... Bloodbowl. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-05-24 23:47:04 Match: Epic(ene) POWs (1) vs. Crimson Tide (2) Rain results in a bobble fest that ends with the Tide taking advantage of mistakes from the POWs http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-05-23 18:38:35 Match: Wildcard, Bitches! (4) vs. RACKCITY BITCHES (1) Bitches be bitchin. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-05-20 07:12:35 Match: RACKCITY BITCHES (2) vs. I Just Awesomed All Over the Place (3) The Bitches had a tough time of it, only stunning one zombie and KOing another the entire game. The crowd managed to KO a flesh golem with a thrown rock. But in spite of the pillows tied to their hands, the rats were able to score two touchdowns. It just wasn't quite enough to catch up to the undead's three td's. http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-05-18 19:59:28 Match: Epic(ene) POWs (1) vs. Cirque du Victoire (1) In a game where each team wants the other to win, nobody does http://www.league.ratcitybloodbowl.com/ 2016-05-17 22:07:37